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  • Tutoring Courses:
    Accountancy(11th-12th), Economics(11th-12th), English(11th-12th), Social Studies, Hindi(7th-10th), Business studies( 11th-12th)
  • Tutoring Locations:
    Hebbal Kempapura, Bangalore, R T nagar, Bangalore
  • Career Experience:
    I have started my career as a teacher in Nagpur and later on moved to Hyderabad for a job and finally took up teaching as my primary profession. As a techer, u need to keep urself updated with the latest news around the globe and as we all know that the students of this generation are advanced technologically and they are talented youths

My Experience

  • October 2016 - July 2019:

    home tutuions - tutuor

    currently im working as a tutor

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