Life processes


Life processes are the fundamental activities of living organisms necessary for their growth, survival, and reproduction. Irrespective of whether a life-form is a plant, animal, bird,  or the microorganism, life processes exist. However, they slightly vary between different class and species, for instance, the digestion process in a plant differs from that of the animal. All living organisms carry out a variety of life processes such as growth and development, digestion, excretion, respiration, circulation, etc. Life processes ensure the organisms to relish a balanced life. Some of the everyday life processes are digestion, respiration, excretion, nutrition, locomotion, growth and development, reproduction, regeneration, maintenance, and repair.




Why do we need maintenance processes?

Life processes are continuous and cyclic in nature as they happen progressively throughout the life. Life processes help in the maintenance and regulation of the body`s balance hence, they re also known as maintenance processes. If our body fails to maintain the regular biological activities, it may suffer from sickness and death. In order for the maintenance process to continue, energy is vital. The formation of energy itself is the best example of a life process. In order to keep the body clean and free from waste material, excretion is vital, it is another example of an essential life process. Every life process necessitates raw materials such as carbon, nutrients, minerals, water, hormones etc. The following links will take you to the individual life processes that are significant in life.


Common  life processes:

  1. Digestion( Read main article Digestion as a life process in human beings)

  2. Read Respiration as a life process here

  3. Excretion - a life process

  4. Nutrition( Read plant nutrition here)

  5.  Transportation( circulation)  as a life process( read about blood and circulatory system here)

  6. Growth and Development as a life process

  7. Reproduction( Also read Introduction to human reproduction here )

  8. Tissue Regeneration, Maintenance, and Repair as the life processes.





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