Innoclazz terms of use


Innoclazz is an agglomeration of efforts to build an updated edition into the novelty of present day's Indian education. It is a platform committed to fill the gaps of the formal education by supplementing a home tutor as a primary service as well as other optional services like online tutoring, interactive/virtual learning, textual or/and digital content access to the students. We focus mainly on K12 space- students studying in CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and the respective state boards

1. 1 What we do 

The platform is the collective effort of the founder, investors, co-founders, teaching partners, and the technical team. is not purely a listing entity that provides lead-based business model, hence we shall enforce a complete control on the teaching partners, students and the Parents.

1.2 Registration policy, registration fee and tutor certification limits

Innoclazz never collects any form of registration and hidden fee neither from Tutors, nor from Parents/students. We do not entertain anyone to be a part of our enterprise unless they are willing to provide a detailed background including their address, phone number/s, identity proof. We strictly enforce a legitimate background check of tutors and parents ( if required). Tutors must completely upload their profile stating their qualifications, skills and experience, in addition, they must undergo appropriate knowledge and aptitude assessments if necessary.However, certification is done for the selected tutors as demanded by the parents at the time of scheduling an assignment. 

1.3 Nature of contract and contractual communication

There is no fixed and similar contract policy that fits everyone, we shall issue a personalized contractual statement that suits the individual student and the same is applicable for tutors. We strictly prohibit the exchange of contractual information in any form between the Parents and the tutor. Tutors and the students/parents must communicate only through the communication systems that the company provides from time to time.


2. Innoclazz’s definitions

2.1 Definition of home tuition

Home tuition/tutoring refers to one-on-one session/s that takes place between the student and the verified Innoclazz tutor preferably at the student’s home based on the contractual agreement made at the beginning.

2.2 Definition of online tuition

It is the digital interaction between the student and the tutor through a customized video conferencing platform of Innoclazz for which both the users must have a high bandwidth internet connection with a laptop/PC.


2.3 Tutor

The term tutor is used synonymously with the instructor, facilitator, resource provider, guide, teacher, problem solver. Innoclazz frequently use the term either tutor, teacher and teaching-partner synonymously.

2.4 Student

A student is a male/female/other ( transgender) who otherwise called a primary user who receives instructions from the specified tutor either in person or in a group. Student may be otherwise called tutee.

2.5 User/participant

It is a collective term used for anyone who accesses the site for a lawful usage of our tutoring services, content, and other offers. A primary user can be the student and/or a tutor. Secondary users are our employees, internees, business associates, partners, and other third parties.

2.6 Hybrid platform 

We use the term hybrid platform as the company provides a flexible approach for the students/parents and the tutor, in addition to the regular business model that exerts complete control over the business, Company offers a fee-based service where we collect a nominal fee from the students and tutors. Fee-based model doesn't exert complete control over the interaction between the student and the tutor and both parties must work mutually on the proceedings. However,  the company shall intervene if necessary.


3. Terms of use:


We, the Innoclazz, is an inclusive and collective term used for its website-, its entities, services and products or otherwise termed as “ the company”.We shall be deemed to be the sole owner/s of every entity and resource that the platform owns. The website, social media accounts with API keys, TPIs, website’s content including but not limited to video lessons, mock tests, previous year question papers, quizzes, revision notes, PDF materials, announcements and the information of any form uploaded by us and our partners is the sole property of Innoclazz however, we shall not have complete control over accidental infusion of spams, inappropriate content by illegal exploitation against the system. Company shall operate on any or all of its resources in any manner by editing, modifying, deleting a part/whole,re-constructing the part or whole of these as and when necessary.

Terms and conditions shall express in part or complete about the privacy policy, user age limit, changes in terms and conditions, copyright violations, fair use of website, payment, cancellation and refund policies. To be responsible and be able to appeal against any of the provisions mentioned here on, you must be of legal age of 18 years of age as per the Indian jurisdiction or your parent/legal guardian must represent the case in case you are a minor. By signing-up, logging-in, browsing through innoclazz, you shall agree that you are fully aware of the terms and conditions and you have completely understood your liabilities and limits of the nature of company's products and services. Failure to read or/and understand the terms at the time of registrations, not agreeing the terms mentioned hereon may not entitle you to be the user of innoclazz platform or you might use it on your own risk. Before registering you agree that the company shall hold the right to amend, modify, simplify, edit and delete in part or full of the site's policies with no prior intimation to the users.

3.1.Registration, advertising, and site usage policies

Upon registration, the user agrees to provide the contact details including but not limited to their primary mobile number, alternate mobile number, land phone if any, WhatsApp number, Facebook id, Email id and other details as demanded by the company and this shall be subjected to change from time to time. For any quarries you may be contacted by or by one of our representatives to inform you about any new assignments list, offers, brand promotion news, announcements, and new regulations through personal email, text messaging, WhatsApp, Social Media pages, or any other forms of communication, so by registering to, you shall automatically agree to receive all or some of the updates aforementioned. Innoclazz has a provision of supplementing study material in either digital form or physical form but this is not an obligation, instead, it is a part of package that is shared in the form of copyrighted videos, third party videos, audios, PDFs, practice tests, quizzes, notes, revision packs and previous year question papers. Content access in any form is limited; price and duration of access will be decided based on the individual case. The company shall not hold the responsibility of the user Account information like confidential credentials are being hacked or stolen by an anonymous act.  At any given point of time, user by any means never shares his/her credentials like login ID and password including the company officials unless innoclazz ask you by a formal mail or call on a legal base. Every user agrees to provide a complete, authenticated, accurate and truthful information while creating a login account and we assure we do not share any of your confidential credentials like your name, address, and contact numbers and so on. Falsifying, spamming, in any form is not allowed. We recommend nither saving your user credentials in your computer or mobile nor sharing them to anyone unless you are confident to do so properly having control over the system and the person.


3.2. Service/Product usage regulations and limits

A primary user (legally a Major as per the Indian law) can independently decide and communicate about tutoring requirement, price and other product purchase services. Every individual shall receive a varied service pack depending upon the requirement, hence the user shall not compare the services and products they receive. Services and packages are decided mutually by the company officials and the parent, once a package is agreed upon, you shall not down-grade but can only upgrade on topping up against the existing package. None of the services and packages are transferable, interchangeable, and the user agrees that he/she won't rent, resale, re-contract the same.  No part of the published or premium study material of Innoclazz is stored, reproduced, transferred by both electronically in a retrieval system or physically by means of photocopying, recording, scanning and translating without our permission. Innoclazz shall only provide a limited, agreed-upon access to the services and products. The Company shall decide on to whether to extend or revoke the services once the subscription is being finished. All the free resources like articles, lessons, notes, and quizzes can be used solely for educational purpose. Innoclazz shall not explicitly or implicitly agree to recommend that our services can be used to diagnose a learning problem or to gain a grade in their annual examination. Innoclazz has a unique performance tracking system that is highly confidential, limited, accessible only between the agreed parties. This feature is only for the premium clients, not everyone can access unless we agreed at the beginning of the contract.


3.3 Material theft and intellectual property damage, loss and theft

Innoclazz shall monitor user behaviour from time to time, company might temporarily block or delete the account on finding a user breeched or encouraged the behaviours like copyright violation, defamation, , infringement, privacy invasion of other users,  property damage, abuse of any forms. Every feature including but not limited to the domain name, servers, third party integrations, graphics, analytics, cookies, plugins that are used by the Innoclazz is the sole property of the company. Innoclazz shall not be responsible for the accuracy, concreteness, completeness, reliability and validity of the content; they must be treated as reference material only. We never sell or rent your private information unless it is legally mandated but any form of information theft by hackers, technical deficiencies that result in data loss or misuse shall be treated as accidental and the company can only attempt to control it. Attempt to tamper, disfigure, alter, copy edit, the existing pages of the website is unlawful. Attempting to block and unblock the site by illicit hack, selling, reusing, commercial usage of images, videos, and graphics is treated as a violation. Trademark, brand name, logo, designs, frameworks, web pages, textual or digital content, and the functionalities of Innoclazz (collectively called elements) are solely owned by us. None of the parties shall access or use it unlawfully through a un-authorized means. Use of faulty devices and techniques like bot, spider, crawler, spyware, engine, device, software or any other automatic device, utility or manual process of any kind to copy and reuse our property is treated as a breach of property. Users shall not hold the right to post anything apart from their documentation being asked however, you may do so by obtaining permission and approval from the concerned authorities. None of the users shall share the ideas, principles, business and trade secrets outside of the company's setting, doing so is termed intellectual property theft and that would be treated as illegal.


4. Code of conduct

 The company shall treat everyone equal, unbiased and fair. We strongly condemn any sort of personal, religiostic, racial, national, cultural discrimination, if found then the jurisdiction will take care of the rest. Innoclazz shall not assure you of any form of personal safety during home tutoring sessions as we consider it as a remote process. Any issues arising out of the personal affairs between the tutor, student and the family are the sole responsibility of the family and the tutor. Company shall strongly enforce everyone to be professional, hierarchical and structured in handling the grievances. We strongly urge not to abuse, insult, provoke, and disrespect anyone. Tutors shall not demonstrate disciplinary action, being harsh, profanity, obscenity, invading the privacy of the students. Parents and the students are obligated not to solicit any form of personal information from any tutor, Furthermore, a tutor demanding to disclose any personal information about the family, or to compel to participate in any form of non-academic affairs shall be immediately notified to or by calling us. Tutors must operate with honesty, trust, dignity as these reflect on the brand, so it is highly important for you to respect the family and the student. Any form of abusing, condemning, teasing, harassing, forcing to learn without the Parents’ consent is treated wrong and it may result in cancellation of the contract with no payment for the whole project. All the disputes except personal affairs must be handled mutually in conjunction with the company. Uploading any obscene, offending, sensitive material that intentionally meant to defame, de-grade anyone is strictly not allowed, .Innoclazz never tolerate racism, bullying, harassment and abuse of any form. In most cases, the law is governed by the local government-the government of Karnataka.


5. Financials, Payment, Cancellation and Refund policies

Payment shall be made through check or through online NEFT  to the company website associated with educlloect service -Karur Vysya Bank payment gateway. Please note, we do not take responsibility for the delay in transactions or errors as a result of a failure in the third party payment gateways functionality. Payment must be full and in advance, any inconveniences in payments shall be discussed mutually. All the payments that the customer pay is inclusive of GST and other taxes as amended by the local and central government from time to time. Company is not answerable for any surprise policy implications like price change, taxation change, Fluctuation sin the GST  overnight. Refund is considered within the first 5 sessions of tutoring from the date of subscription absolutely there is no refund after this trial period. After the trial period, if the parents are not happy with the performance of tutors, we shall change the tutor but we do not accept refund despite replacing the tutors for a maximum of 3 changes( 3 tutors). The refunding amount might exclude the GST and other taxes being already levied at the time of payment. Refund cannot be made on the services that are already being used and the refund time counts from the day/time the user officially inform us by a mail or by calling us only to the company's contact number.   Services being underused or unused is your sole responsibility and you can’t claim against the company for the same loss being incurred by any of your personal reasons. The refunding is not an instant service, it shall be deposited to your account at the month-end only   Innoclazz never entertain any form of financial dealings directly with the tutors, tutors being directly mediating the money matters should be notified by the parents immediately. Tutors do not have a fixed salary or remuneration policy and all the payments are package based or on a governing contract basis only. Company shall not pay additional remuneration for the over-duty or add-on services being rendered to the students without informing us. Tutors will be paid in full only after the approval from the parents and no advance payment for any tutors However, a milestone payment may be approved for the right tutor. In case if the Parents/student complaining about the financial issue then the tutors can request them to talk to the company in a cordial manner. Tutors shall hold the complete responsibility to comply, deal the taxes of their earnings as per the Indian tax laws and company by no means take such responsibility. There is no consistent pricing policy for any of the services and products on our platform –prices are subjected to change with immediate effect and as a user,  you do not hold the right to claim for whether increase or decrease in the price of a product(s) or service.


6. Communication, safety and disciplinary terms for home tutoring

Tutors and parents shall have a professional, formal, fair, decent and relevant communication. With regard to the student’s progress, parents and tutors need to fill the tracking information as scheduled by the company in case if the parents and tutors fail to do so, then our Academic Advisors shall intervene to check the progress. The students or parents shall not argue directly with the tutor and vice-versa on any form of grievances, the company shall address the issue in a phased manner. It is strictly prohibited to use electronic gadgets for the non-academic purpose, parents and tutors shall ensure the child not to use any form of gadgets unless it is required during the session. Tutors must strictly switch off their mobile phones during the session. Parents are responsible to track and discipline the child’s behaviour during the session and the tutor is not allowed to punish the child in any manner. Tutors must maintain a good rapport with the family and not to take advantage of the family by being late to the work, leaving the session early or by any means. If a tutor wants to reschedule a session then it must be entered in the tracking system, re-scheduling is allowed as long as the parents agree to do so. Postponing and preponing the sessions must be discussed at least the prior day with the child and parents and the same shall be informed to the company, however in the case of ill-health and personal emergencies, tutor must inform the company at least 3 hours prior and we will convey the same to the parents. A tutor being absconded or being continously absent for 3 sessions shall receive a notification and after  2 days of notification if the tutor fails to respond then the contract gets automatically cancelled with no payment being paid for the whole project. If a tutor wants to discontinue the contract for a genuine reason you must give an advanced notice period of 2 weeks and you are responsible to convince the parents that a new replacement will come in place.  It is advisable for the parents to provide a space that is clean, calm, bright but it is visible to the parents during tutoring sessions. Innoclazz shall not hold responsibility for being met with any accident/s while reaching the student"s place or while conducting the classes. Company is not responsible for theft, damage or any kind of losses being incurred by the tutor at parent’s place.


7. Business and customer-related policies

At any point of time (before, during or after the contract) employees and tutors are completely restrained from diverting the Innoclazz’s customers to the competitors or to their personal commercial gains. All the users expressly agree that they do not damage the company’s reputation by joining hands with outsiders. Any form of loss of physical, intellectual and financial property shall result in dismiss, termination, penalty depending upon the seriousness of the damages. Company has the right to obtain, check, store and use the data of students, parents and tutors for verification and background check. Employees must visit the parent's house only after formal permission and strictly for supervision and monitoring of performance.


8. Disclaimer and limitations of liability

Innoclazz provides a platform on “as on”- "as is" basis with no warranty of any kind. The user shall agree expressly or informally that he/she uses our services at his/her own risk. Company makes no representation about the appropriateness of the resources on the website for users outside the state or the users following different curriculum other than the prescribed and agreed upon to teach. User shall agree to defend, indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees, arising from or related to your access and use of this Website, including, without limitation, your access and use of this Website in violation of this Terms of Use. Innoclazz is not a consultancy firm, we rather provide only tools, material, personal resources within the scope of our abilities and legal boundaries. Our teachers, tools and services act as resources only and we cannot guarantee you a remedy for the learning difficulty that the student has. Users must exercise their own judgement regarding the accuracy of information provided by third parties and free content on the Website. Innoclazz cannot guarantee that all of the content on the Website is complete, accurate or up-to-dateNeither Innoclazz nor its affiliates, associates, partners, employers, shareholders, licensors Freelancers, third party solution providers warrant that the site will be uninterrupted and perfect against the standards prescribed so, as a user it’s your sole responsibility to check the accuracy, validity, reliability, longevity, efficacy and the depth of any of our resources before subscription. WE are not responsible or liable in any manner of the content, videos, PDFs or any material that is generated by the user, although we include the strict policy to screen and scrutinize the posts, we do are not liable for any unlawful, obscene, offensive, inappropriate, objectionable, infringing uploads to the site. All the services, information, data, business structure, prices, and quality are subjected to an uninformed and instant change without any prior intimation to any of the users based on the current situation. We are not liable in any manner of the third party website bad links or any kind of misleading information and the user must use those links on his/her own risk. To the fullest extent permitted by the local and national laws, we, on behalf of our company officials including but not limited to the CEO, directors, investors, employees, third party liaison officials exclude any liability on the damage, the loss occurred to any of the user by any type of circumstances, events, tort, that are direct, indirect, consequential, special, punitive.  Innoclazz has the right to claim on the damage caused by teachers, Students, parents, public, and the competitors either by penalizing the party or by demanding a monetary and non-monetary compensation. By any manner, we shall not be liable for the results that the student obtains from his/her annual examination after using our tutoring services and any claims for such compensation against the company is not acceptable.


9. Ownership of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property of Innoclazz that includes but not limited to our logo, copyrighted material, trademarks, tutors credentials and data, students credentials and data, and the proprietary information like images, drawings, questions and solutions, demonstration lessons, mobile applications, photos, animations, videos, graphics, banners, our own advertisements, announcements, news, any form of music and sound either in portion or in full is solely owned by Innoclazz. All the work - artistic, scientific, informative, interactive, written, oral, or any form that is created by any freelancers, employees and third parties becomes the sole property of Innoclazz only after the approval and the rights once sold or transferred to Innoclazz cannot be reverted back to the creator in any form unless the company agrees to do so.  Any type of content by the user shall undergo a detailed screening upon submission and the approval of the same shall thereby grant a right to Innoclazz, its affiliates and the third-party service providers to distribute, reproduce, amend, adapt, sell, donate the same across the world and the right for the same shall be non-exclusive, transferable, irrevocable, royalty-free. Innoclazz shall not hold the responsibility on the exploitation and misuse by the third party submissions of any kind including but not limited to their brand identity products, advertisements, logo, content, videos, and the party shall agree to take its own risk in such case. 


10. Terms and conditions for tutors, students and parents

 Innoclazz is least tolerant on any user found misusing the platformA tutor is considered for the project only after a successful and unpaid demo on his/her first session. A tutor is not allowed to negotiate the price once the demo is successful and the price structure will never change throughout the contract.  Tutor can decide on to whether to take up the project or not but, once the contract is initiated then it must be successfully finished.A tutor is allowed to take up any assignment of their core strength and experience within at least 5-10 kilometres of radius from his/her residence, however, if he/she is comfortable travelling any distance, then we have no issues. Innoclazz will intimate the tutor in advance about, the details including the city, location and precise address, student’s requirement, schedule, and availability of the student before the commencement of first class. Tutor must furnish correct details regarding his/her background, address, experience, qualification through proper documentation. Falsifying, forging, modifying of any of the details shall not be permitted. An assignment must be finished within the given time and budget, if any Teachers found participating in teaching the additional subjects or classes by receiving money directly from Parents, then the company shall penalize such tutors and the parents are not allowed to entertain the same. Parents/student must duly fill our personal information form and submit the correct, accurate, complete details as per the form.It is mandatory to meet the company and the team before starting the contract to clarify the whole operations and also to discuss the agreement. Tutors are required to follow the specific learning demands asked by the student and Parents if any. Any issue pertaining to the contract will be dealt with systematically, we request you to wait patiently to resolve the same. As a tutor, you are mandated to treat every one of our team in a respectful and professional manner. Parents can sign the contract only after finalizing the tutor, but after signing the contract we do not frequently change the tutors except for genuine reasons. Parents are responsible to communicate at least 3-4 times throughout the contract with our relationship manager about the progress and any ongoing issues.However, any serious issue must be immediately brought to the notice of the company either in person or by a telephonic conversation and/or an official mail. Although we provide a project plan, parents can provide the correct schedule, number of hours per week, exact duration and time of availability of student and any change in the schedule as we respect tutor’s timing and effort. The information related to instant change in the schedule, timings and duration must not be communicated to the tutor through his/her mobile number or by personal mail but you can inform orally, for example, if your family is not available due to unforeseen situation tomorrow then the information must be given at the end of today’s session in person.Innoclazz has the right to modify, cancel the contract without prior notice if we feel that you have violated the code of conduct of the company in any manner. If the assigned teacher becomes permanently unavailable because of personal reasons, we will not be able to refund the fee instead, we provide a new teacher again with a free demo. In a given assignment, the teacher is responsible to finish within the given time and budget and the same shall be entertained by you. If you try to extend the subjects/hours/lessons/services by paying him/her privately without informing or using our platform by offering additional money then it is illegal. If a demo is unsuccessful or the tutor disagrees to take up the assignment or the parent is not happy about the tutor Innoclazz treat this as a broken deal and if the users( parent and the tutor) found continuing their tutoring relationship even after this event, then it is illegal or fraud.Innoclazz vigilance team has a right to raise a legal warrant accordingly. Company shall hold the right to terminate the tutors without any warrant any of the users on the grounds of unethical, unsafe, illegal behaviour of any form and in such a scenario we shall assist the parents in replacing another tutor based on the availability and suitability.


We respect your privacy and we shall bound to keep an utmost privacy of our clients. The company always insist upon the highest standards with regard to customer information privacy and financial transactions. We have a stringent policy in place to protect from misuse of valuable credentials like login details, contact numbers, mail address, OTP etc.   Please read the privacy policy written under and also note that the policy is subject to change at any time without notice so, please be ensure you are aware of any changes, please review this policy periodically for any latest updates.

11.1 Personal information and its usage

Personal Information refers to any information that may be used to identify an individual, including, but not limited to the first name,  last name,  address, contact information and email address. You can visit Innoclazz’s Web pages without prior intimation except into the subscription sections for which a user needs permission or paid access by sharing their personal details with us. By sharing your personal data like name, age, gender, your contact number and mail ID etc,  you agree that you are willing to receive our promotional emails and messages in future without intimating you at each time. The company shall hold the right to call your family and guardians on any quarries as and when required and you shall agree this term before registering with us. Innoclazz might also collect information from third parties and update to our database in order to have a complete database, however, our executives might inform you before doing this so.   Innoclazz shall hold the rights to access your social pages in case of anything suspicion by any of the users. Company shall also have a right to modify, alter, delete the personal information if a user found guilty of misuse on our platform. Furthermore, if required, the company shall record your lessons and communication for the quality and behavioural assay. 

11.2 Cookies and other information tracking related policies

Cookies help us to serve you better by adapting the user's browsing data and speed. Innoclazz may use cookies and other tracking technologies that collect information about Web site activity. Some of the cookies and other tracking technologies may serve to recall Personal Information previously indicated by a Web user. Although, most browsers will allow you to control these cookies, by blocking or unblocking them and you will hereon agree that you wish to receive cookies through various browsers. User's shall be solely responsible to understand the fact that, if the cookies are turned off, you may have an interruption in the complete functionality of the platform in addition, clearing cookies at the end of the browsing section keeps you safe by not allowing others to track on your previous browsing session. Our tracking technologies might record information such as Internet domain name, hostnames IP addresses, browser software and operating system types, click stream patterns, dates and times on which you have accessed recently at our site. Our use of cookies and other tracking technologies allows us to improve our Web site as well as your surfing and logging experience.  Company holds the right to analyze and track information through cookies for trends and statistics.

11.3 Data usage by Third Party Services

We don’t sell any of your data unless the law demands so, hence we make every attempt to keep your data safe. Less often, third parties provide certain services to Innoclazz who might need to help us to serve you better by requesting for user's background checks, security checks and other verification, however, we do not hold a complete control on such verification although we exert a great caution in safeguarding your information. Innoclazz does not intend to transfer any sort of user’s personal data without your consent to any third parties unless of the transfer of the same is legally required. Innoclazz shall not be liable for the technical errors caused due to third parties like OTP service, payment gateways, integration of software and platforms for online education,  however we initiate a quick call to rectify the errors once notified.

11.4 Updating and sharing your information and disclosure policy

Company shall hold the right to enquire and act if any of the users attempt to provide invalid details such as wrongly entering their contact number, address, name, mail IDs. Any form of imposters, impersonation, misrepresentation to utilize the subscriptions is considered illegal. Users are solely responsible to keep their credentials and valuable information safe and secure.  Innoclazz shall not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by reason of any disclosure (inadvertent or otherwise) of any information concerning the user’s account and/or information relating to or regarding online transactions using credit cards/debit cards and/or their verification processes and particulars nor for any error, omission or inaccuracy with respect to any information so disclosed and used whether or not in pursuance of a legal process or otherwise. We never intend to rent, sell, or share personal information about you except in the following circumstances: To provide information to our trusted partners who definitely need your information to make the platform better, however, they might use this information if the law demands. Your information may be used to respond subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims. We might also share the information in order to investigate, any suspected fraud or to guard the company and the users against illegal activities. We may need to transfer your personal information if Innoclazz is acquired by or merged with another company however we shall notify you the same before information such act. Innoclazz holds the right to display targeted advertisements based on personal information. – for example, CBSE students class10, ICSE class8 etc, from a particular geographic area however we never share individual’s specific data like pictures, contact numbers etc. Innoclazz advertisers might include educational institutes, educational service companies, financial service providers (banks, insurance agents, stockbrokers and mortgage lenders etc.






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