ICSE Syllabus

About ICSE Board

ICSE is abbreviated as Indian Certificate of Secondary. According to its official website, ICSE is controlled by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE); a private board of school education in India. CICSE governs its education through ICSE syllabus right from the primary schooling. The board is headquartered in New Delhi, and it is one of the great choices for parents to choose ICSE syllabus. In the majority of the ICSE syllabus based schools, they follow the annual (yearly) exam pattern. It works based on the New Education Policy came into act in the year 1986. The major objective of the ICSE board is to thrive the children in their overall development, by providing a balanced curriculum. The Council has been so constituted as to secure suitable representation of: Government of India, State Governments/Union Territories in which there are Schools affiliated to the Council, the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education, the Association of Indian Universities, the Association of Heads of Anglo-Indian Schools, the Indian Public Schools’ Conference, the Association of Schools for the ISC Examination and members co-opted by the Executive Committee of the Council. It was found in the year 1958 with the majority of its schools being practised English as a medium of instruction.


About ICSE Syllabus

The ICSE syllabus is generally thought of an in-depth, well-structured, and highly competitive curriculum. The core focus of the board is to build good language skills, analytical skills along with the practical knowledge of subjects as needed. Generally speaking, ICSE syllabus is vast and most of the topics being chosen as per the global standards. The board encourages all its schools to be detailed-oriented, but flexibility is the key. Another advantage that the CISCE offers is the wide variety of options that a student can chose. Therefore, it is better to understand the prescribed syllabus for ICSE as it can help in determining the study plan. In a comprehensive view, ICSE has a more balanced syllabus by being equally focused on language, arts and science. This post is a brief that presents the latest ICSE syllabus from class 6 to class10.


ICSE board-class 6  Syllabus

ICSE board-class 6 Biology Syllabus

Chemistry syllabus –ICSE board class 6

Physics Syllabus, Class 6 ICSE Board

Class 6 ICSE Computer Applications Syllabus

Class 6 ICSE social studies syllabus

Class 6 ICSE Maths Syllabus



ICSE board-class 7  Syllabus

Biology Syllabus for Class 7 ICSE Board

Chemistry Syllabus for Class 7 ICSE Board

Class 7 ICSE Maths syllabus

Physics Syllabus for Class 7 -ICSE Board



ICSE board-class 8  Syllabus

Syllabus of ICSE Class 8 Biology

ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Syllabus

ICSE Class 8 Mathematics Syllabus

ICSE Class 8 Physics Syllabus



ICSE board-class 9  Syllabus

ICSE Class 9 Biology Syllabus

ICSE class 9 chemistry syllabus

Class 9 ICSE physics syllabus

Class 9 ICSE mathematics syllabus



ICSE board-class 10  Syllabus

ICSE class 10 Biology syllabus

Chemistry subject class 10 ICSE syllabus

Class 10 ICSE board mathematics syllabus


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