CBSE Class 6 English Syllabus

One of the unique features of CBSE class6 English syllabus is that,  it has more of the grammar part necessary at this level. The curriculum is divided into Grammar, Applied Grammar and Writing Section helps to ascertain that they gain skills in improving basic grammar, reading, writing and understanding which can be employed to understand other subjects also. Some of the important learning aspects in this syllabus are Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Gap Filling, Formal Letter writing, Dialogue Completion, Informal Letter writing, Sentence Reordering and Diary Entry. 


Section1. Grammar          

  1. Noun

  2. Pronoun

  3. Verbs

  4. Tenses

  5. Voice

  6. Adjectives

  7. Adverbs

  8. Sentence and Phrases

  9. Subject-Verb Agreement

  10. Reported Speech

  11. Framing Questions

  12. Prepositions

  13. Conjunction

  14. Punctuation


Section2. Applied Grammar     

  1. Gap Filling/ Sentence

  2. Dialogue Completion

  3. Sentence Reordering

  4. Editing

  5. Omission

  6. Sentence Transformer


Section3. Writing section          

  1. Formal Letter

  2. Informal Letter

  3. Diary Entry

  4. Notice Writing

  5. Message Writing

  6. Debate

  7. Speech

  8. Article

  9. Report

  10. Story Completion


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