Chemistry Syllabus for Class 7 ICSE Board

1. Matter and its Composition

  1. Definition of matter

  2. Matter has mass and occupies space – Explanation

  3. Composition of matter

2.Physical and Chemical Changes

  1. Physical and chemical changes

  2. Chemical change – formation of a new product with new properties

  3. Differentiating between physical and chemical change

  4. Classification as physical & chemical change

  5. Types of change involved when there is a change of state of matter

  6. Types of change involved when there is a change in energy

3.Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

  1. Identification of elements, and compounds

  2. Mixtures and compounds

  3. Types of mixtures

  4. Separation techniques

4. Atomic Structure

  1. Atoms

  2. Molecules

  3. Radicals

  4. Valency

5. Language of Chemistry

  1. Chemical reactions

  2. Characteristics of occurrence of a chemical reaction

  3. Chemical Equations

6. Metals and Non-Metals

  1. Properties of metals and non-metals

  2. Difference between metals and non-metals

  3. Classification of elements as metals & non-metals

  4. Corrosion of iron

  5. Uses of metals

  6. Metalloids

7. Air and Atmosphere

  1. Composition of air and uses of its components

  2. Combustion

  3. Mass change during burning

  4. Word equations for reactions of metals and non-metals (S, C, P, Na, K, Ca, Mg) with O

  5. Products formed in acid rain; effects of acid rain

  6. Air quality

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