Biology Syllabus for Class 7 ICSE Board

Unit1. Tissues

  1. Definition of tissue

  2. Classification of plant tissues

  3. Meristematic tissues

  4. Simple permanent tissues

  5. Complex permanent tissues

  6. Animal Tissues

  7. Epithelial tissue

  8. Connective tissue

  9. Muscular tissue

  10. Nerve tissue

Unit 2. Kingdom Classification

  1. Meaning and concept of classification

  2. Need and advantages of Classification

  3. Characteristics of each kingdom

Unit 3. Plant Life

  1. Photosynthesis- Definition, basic process, factors affecting photosynthesis

  2. significance of photosynthesis

  3. Experiment to demonstrate the photosynthesis process

  4. Respiration- Basic process, word equation

  5. aerobic and anaerobic respiration: basic concept, word equations for both, examples

  6. Respiration and photosynthesis in plants, the difference in both processes

Unit 4. Human Body

  1. Excretion: Definition

  2. Organs and their excretory products

  3. Renal Excretory System

  4. Role of kidneys infiltration of blood through millions of nephrons

  5. Nervous System

  6. Brain

  7.  Spinal cord

  8. Nerves

Unit 5. Health and Hygiene

  1. Allergy

  2. Allergens

  3. Entry routes of allergens

  4. Symptoms of an allergic reaction

  5. Types of allergies

  6. Precautions and care to be taken by a person who is prone to allergies.

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