As the need for one-one teaching learning is gaining its traction, home tutors and home tuition service providers have attracted the attention of many parents. We, at innoclazz are constantly working to fill the gaps existing between the demand and supply of private tutors across the country. Our Vision is to provide a range of tutoring services across the Country, however, at present, we are serving in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai with  a plan to expand to Mumbai and Pune shortly. Innoclazz strongly believes that the success of today’s education is intricately bound with building a customized platform to blossom the inquisitive attitude among learners. To fulfil this , home tutors are major drivers for our vision. Our Mission is to reach the unreachable and educate the impossible. We are aiming to lead a top-notched, sophisticated educational platform. The firm is making every effort to BRING CHILDREN`S HOME -A SCHOOL by providing an individual home tutor for an individual student. Furthermore, we are building a network of personal master teachers for students studying under k-12 space. We cater all the boards but the mainstream being CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and the state board of Karnataka. As an add-on service, we provide limited additional support like reference materials, quizzes, question papers for mock tests at free of cost. We strongly believe that , the quality of education lies in individual attention that is possible only through a qualified, well-trained and experienced master teachers. Currently we have grown into a network of 20,000 home tutors across 3 major cities in south India.