Brief about Innoclazz academy

As the need for one-one teaching is gaining its traction, education is reaching its new dimension. This is applicable not just in India, but many countries. In light of the deficits manifested by the traditional classroom teaching, a new idea, the home tutoring has arrived. It is a well-known fact that every student needs individual attention, which is hardly noticed in our system. With this regard, there is no point in blaming the education system or the school because it is highly impossible for a single teacher to meet the learning needs of the entire batch.  To combat this, We have developed a platform that meets the unmet areas of learning. At Innoclazz, we are constantly working to fill the gaps existing between the demand and supply of private tutors across the country. Our Vision is to provide a range of tutoring services across India, however, we were able to begin the journey from Bangalore. Going forward, Innoclazz has slowly stepped into Hyderabad, and Chennai from the beginning of 202. Adding to this, ae have a plan to expand to Mumbai and Pune shortly. Innoclazz strongly believes that the success of today’s education relies on a customised platform that helps to drive the inquisitive mindset among learners. We have made every possible attempt to fill the gaps that existed in the home tutoring domain, yet there is a lot more to do. The enterprise has made its debut in 2018, we are proud of what we have done in a very short span, 2 years. Currently, we have grown into a network of 20,000 home tutors across 3 major cities in south India.


Innoclazz`s mission statement

Our Mission is to reach the unreachable and educate the impossible .We strongly believe, every child is his own master and has the capacity to absorb from the system. With this in mind, Innoclazz Academy is aiming to build a top-notched and sophisticated educational platform.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best home tutors, no matter who and what the child is. We are building a network of home tutors or personal master teachers for students studying in k-12 space. We cater all the boards, while the mainstreams being CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and the state board of Karnataka.