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How It Works


Simply click on the book demo form on top of the home page and fill-in your requirement OR we are just a call away on 9986717981 / 9986717998 . Our Academic lead will help you understand better by assigning a simple pretest to the student.


We shall forward the academic stand of the student to a group of verified tutors and only the best tutor would be eligible to take a free demo that will help you decide on to whether she/he is a good fit. If you are unhappy , a new tutor might take the role. Here we begin! A complete personalized attention on the student with systematic progress tracking throughout the schedule.


The best part is, personalized lessons, question papers, quizzes, worksheets and mock tests are absolutely complimentary. If you feel things aren’t worth of what you expected, we shall help you out by counselling the student or if you need help in replacing the tutor, yes it`s possible.

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