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            Email:coffee time@163.com
            Joining prospects
            Coffee has become the mainstream drinks, highlighting the prospects for the development of coffee will be prosperous. Coffee beans are the world's top trading commodities. In the world, coffee is produced in nearly 70 countries, with an annual output of more than 1 million bags. The world coffee sales and consumption market, with annual retail sales of more than 70 billion US dollars, coffee has become the mainstream drinks in Western countries, and it is also booming all over the world. In recent years, the coffee consumption market in Asia has gradually matured. Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China and India have gradually become major coffee consumers. The coffee market is booming and the coffee industry has become the mainstream industry.
            Joining process
            Audit of Cooperative Operations 
             (Assessing the conditions of the licensee)
            Join Interview 
            (Communication and Cooperative Business Concept Visit Demonstration Shop)

            Signing Intention Contract 
             (Joining to reach consensus and signing the contract of joining)
            personnel training 
             (Employees receive training and learning)

            store decoration 
             (Planning, design, construction and customization of machinery and equipment)

             (Trial operation and problem improvement)